Superberry 'Purple Power' Yoghurt for your daily anthocyanin boost

Superberry 'Purple Power' Yoghurt for your daily anthocyanin boost

The haskap berry is fast becoming known as the next ‘Superberry' and for good reasonHaskapa Berry Powder is an antioxidant-rich powerhouse, with haskaps containing up to three times more antioxidants than blueberries. 

Each 100g pouch of powder contains around 800 haskap berries.

Haskapa berry powder has a unique, zesty flavour combination of tangy and sweet and can be added to numerous foods and drinks - anything from mixing with fruit, popping into smoothies, making energy balls or even as a Californian Haskapa Frozen Berry Bowl. 

It's the berry's deep blue-purple skin and crimson flesh that gives our Haskapa powder such a naturally strong purplish colour and pack it with anthocyanins. We love how it's so easy to add those important anthocyanins into your daily diet. 

One of the simplest and we think most delicious ways to eat it is to simply swirl it into yoghurt. It gives a wonderful flavour and makes it the most amazing purple colour.

Just take one or two teaspoons of Haskapa powder, mix into your yoghurt, and enjoy!