Like blueberries?

You’ll love the haskap berry - a vitamin C high food

Haskap Berry
Flavour Profile Colour Purity Easy to use
Flavour Profile
Tangy and Sweet
Unique berry taste
Blue skin +
crimson flesh =
deep red-purple
100% vegan berry powder
Nothing else added
Fine, light and easy to blend
Easy to use
1-2 teaspoons per day
Swirl through Yogurt
Stir into porridge
Add to smoothies
*Anthocyanins are the pigments that give red, purple and blue fruit and vegetables their rich colour. Haskap berries have one of the highest-recorded anthocyanin levels of any berry on the planet as well as being a Vitamin C high food.

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Give yourself a berry boost

How to enjoy your Haskapa superfood berry powder

Our Haskapa superfood berry powder is freeze dried to preserve the fruit's high levels of Vitamin C, anthocyanins and deliciously tangy-sweet flavour. It also makes it easier to add to our every day routine. Just 1-2 TEASPOONS is enough to add a superfood berry boost to your breakfast smoothie, yoghurt bowl or porridge. And as it's so easy to blend, check out our amazing recipes...

Power your porridge

Pump up your pancakes

Yay! your yogurt

Supercharge your smoothie

how to use


How to use haskapa powder

Pure, Plant-Based Anthocyanins

How to use haskapa powder

Supported by Science and Ongoing Research

How to use haskapa powder

Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free

Start enjoying Haskapa daily

Give yourself a uniquely delicious start to the day.

Haskapa superfood berry powder is your convenient, tasty and cost-effective Vitamin C and anthocyanin daily boost.


The super berry

Haskap. Anthocyanins. Vitamin C.

What are anthocyanins?Anthocyanins are naturally occurring plant pigments that give fruit and vegetables their deep purple, blue and red colours
StudyThe first pilot clinical study on haskap berries was published by a team from the University of Reading in the European Journal of Nutrition, December 2018
High levelsHaskap berries have one of the highest-recorded anthocyanin levels compared with almost any other berry on the planet. They are also a high Vitamin C food.
LovedHaskapa has over 300 five-star reviews. We have many returning customers who have fallen in love with the berry powder's delicious flavour, incredible colour and many benefits.


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