Haskap Berry Ripple Vegan 'Nice' Cream

Haskap Berry Ripple Vegan 'Nice' Cream

The popularity of vegan ice cream alternatives has skyrocketed over the past few years as more and more people are turned on to the benefits of a plant based diet. This delicious Haskap Berry Ripple 'Nice' Cream by @wildheartrawkitchen uses Coconut Milk & Flesh for a non-dairy alternative that's just as thick, rich and delicious as a traditional ice cream.


-2 cups freshly made coconut milk
-2 cups young coconut flesh
-1 cup macadamias
-1 Madagascan Vanilla pod
-1 tbsp good quality lecithin
-1 tbsp lucuma powder
-1 tsp powdered stevia/ erythritol mix to desired sweetness
-2 tbsp Haskapa powder
-a pinch of salt



-Thoroughly blend the coconut milk/flesh, macadamias, vanilla, lecithin, lucama, sweetener and salt until smooth.
-Set aside roughly 1/4 of the mixture.
-Pour the remaining 3/4 into a freezer safe glass dish.
-Add the Haskapa berry powder to the other 1/4, blending well
-Mix in the berry mixture slowly, swirling as you go for the ripple effect
-Freeze until firm and enjoy!