Haskap and Strawberry Fool

Haskap and Strawberry Fool

This traditional English dessert dates back as far as the sixteenth century, and was originally made using wild gooseberries and other seasonal fruits. We're excited to share our haskap berry version of this English summer time classic. 

Serves 4



  • In a large bowl, whisk the double cream until soft peaks form 
  • Mix together with the strawberry jam, Haskapa berry powder, sugar and vanilla powder
  • Gently fold in the Greek yoghurt
  • Juice the lemon. Carefully add the juice*
  • Mix together for an even texture
  • Serve in ramekins or medium sized glass jars
  • Enjoy!
*top tip. We find that lemons tend to vary a lot in their flavour. Start by adding just a splash of lemon juice. Adjust with more juice to taste.