Lemon Berry Madeleines

Lemon Berry Madeleines

Haskapa makes a great addition to any baker's pantry, adding a delicious berry flavour and deep purple colour to any kitchen creation.

Food blogger and influencer @samsfoodtravels added our superberry powder to her lemon madeline recipe with fantastic results. Here's how to make your own:

-195g sugar
-4 eggs
-36g honey
-225g butter
-2 tsp lemon zest
-225g flour
-1 heaped tsp baking powder
-2 tsp haskapa

-In a large heat-proof bowl, combine sugar, eggs and honey. Place the bowl over a gently simmering pot of water and whisky until the sugar is dissolved.
-Meanwhile, melt the butter and stir in the lemon zest
-Fold the dry ingredients (including Haskapa!) into the egg mixture in two additions, then fold in the butter until smooth.
-Transfer the batter to a piping bag or container and refrigerate for at least 4hrs (or overnight).
-To bake - first, chill the madeline pan in the freezer for 30 mins and preheat the oven to 190C
-Spray the madeline pan lightly with baking spray. Fill each cavity up to around 1/3 full. Bake until the edges are golden and crisp and the domed tops are set (about 9 mins for a standard 12-cavity pan)
-Unmold cakes and set on a cooling rack. Best eaten fresh!


(Recipe adapted from an original version by Stephanie Duong (@Roselle_to)