What is Haskapa


What is Haskapa?

Haskapa (pronounced 'Has-cap-ah' - and yes, we just added an 'a' to 'haskap') is the brainchild of a husband and wife team: Simon, a green entrepreneur, and Evie, a medical doctor. In 2010 they discovered a way to combine their two passions – the environment and holistic health promotion - by growing haskap berries in Nova Scotia and researching their nutritional potential. Haskapa the company was born.


What are haskap berries?

The haskap berry is an edible blue honeysuckle native to northern hemisphere countries including Canada, Japan and Russia, with the botanical name Lonicera caerulea. Haskap berries grow on deciduous leafy bushes which have an amazing ability to survive hostile, freezing northern winters. The berries are oval-rectangular in shape, looking a little like elongated blueberries. They have a dark purple-blue double skin and vibrant crimson flesh.


Why is haskap being hailed as the next superberry?

Haskap berries are high in anthocyanins which are naturally occurring plant pigments that give fruit and vegetables their deep purple, blue and red colours. It is these properties that are associated with their health promoting benefits. Haskap berries contain at least 3 to 4 times more anthocyanins than blueberries. 

Haskap berries also have a unique anthocyanin profile, with one specific beneficial anthocyanin called cyanidin-3-glucoside, known as C3G, making up around 85% of the total anthocyanin content.

They also contain a range of other polyphenols including phenolic acids e.g. chlorogenic acid and other flavonoids such as quercetin.

It's no surprise that haskaps are considered the new superberries.

Scientific reference:
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What is Haskapa Berry Powder?

We wanted to create a product that would capture haskap’s unique nutritional content and be available to enjoy throughout the year. Haskapa Freeze-Dried Berry Powder is an antioxidant-rich powerhouse with haskap berries containing up to three times more antioxidants than blueberries. Each 100g pouch of powder contains around 800 haskap berries.


What does it taste and look like?

Haskapa Berry Powder has a unique, zesty flavour combination of tangy and sweet, plus a naturally strong berry colour which gives your food an anthocyanin power of purple daily boost.



How do I eat it?

Haskapa berry powder is super-versatile and tastes great. Use as you would other fruit or berry powders - simply a teaspoon in your smoothie, shake, or stirred into breakfast cereal, porridge or yogurt. Haskap berry powder is also brilliant in baking and desserts - adding natural colour and a unique delicious taste.

Read more ways to enjoy Haskapa Berry Powder here



Why is it good for me?

Research suggests that eating a diet rich in anthocyanins may be associated with reducing the risk of many chronic diseases including high blood pressure, heart attacks, type 2 diabetes, and cognitive decline as we age.

One of the main actions of anthocyanins is dilation of blood vessels with an associated increase in blood flow and oxygen delivery to cells.  

Anthocyanin effects:


What is the haskap berry’s history? 

Treasured for centuries in Japan, Russia and China, haskap berries were used in traditional medicine to reduce the risk of medical conditions including high blood pressure, heart attacks, eye and gastrointestinal diseases. The haskap was named by the indigenous Ainu people of northern Japan who knew it as the berry of long life and good eyesight. More recently, Haskap breeding programs have been introduced by pioneering North American breeders such as Dr. Maxime Thompson (Oregon State University) and Dr. Bob Bors (University of Saskatchewan). They have developed a range of tasty commercial cultivars which have adapted well to growing in the North American climate. See the excellent University of Saskatchewan Fruit Program website http:/www.fruit.usask.ca/haskap.html


How is Haskapa Berry Powder made?

The powder is made using berries from our own farm and other carefully selected Canadian suppliers. The berries are gently freeze-dried to help preserve their natural goodness and high levels of anthocyanins.