BBC One How to stay young

BBC One How to stay young

BBC1 documentary “How to stay young” recommends eating two purple fruit and veg per day.

In the 2016 BBC1 documentary “How to Stay Young” Angela Rippon investigated why the people of the Japanese island of Okinawa live longer than anywhere else in the world, with low rates of dementia and heart disease. Scientists have discovered that the secret to the islanders’ longevity is their diet, in particular their regular consumption of purple sweet potato containing significant quantities of anthocyanins. A scientist from the Norwich Institute of Research explained that “there is good scientific evidence that anthocyanins are good for blood flow, delivering the nutrients and oxygen your brain needs to work well”. He went on to recommend: “we now know not just 5 fruit and veg per day… but perhaps you should include two purple ones in your diet, because we have established sufficient evidence that they are consistently good for your brain and for other elements of your health.”

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You can watch a clip from the documentary here