Should you drink Matcha tea?

Should you drink Matcha tea?

Cherished for centuries for its stunning colour, unique flavour and multiple benefits.

Here are some of our favourite facts on what makes Matcha so extraordinary.

  1. Matcha is grown in the shade which leads to increased levels of amino acids and chlorophyll (which gives it it’s bright green colour) and reduced tannins (which can have a harsh taste).
  2. The amino acid it contains is called L-theanine. This may work together with the caffeine to give a slow release of energy. Matcha is thought to contain up to five times more of this amino acid than other black and green teas.
  3. It’s thought that the energy boost from coffee lasts around 1-3 hours, but even though matcha contains less caffeine, it’s believed it provides a slow release of energy that lasts through the day.
  4. The best tea comes from the first harvest with the most nutrient-dense and flavourful leaves filled with chlorophyll, L-theanine, and catechins.
  5. Unlike other herbal teas, you ingest the entire matcha leaf. Normally 4kg of green leaves make 1kg of sencha green tea, but with matcha 6kg of leaves make 1kg!
  6. Matcha is versatile! The traditional way to enjoy matcha is to whisk it in warm water till it starts to froth. However, it’s rise in popularity has introduced us to loads of new ways to use it. It makes superb lattes and you can use it in cookies, smoothies, ice creams and even cakes!
  7. Matcha is served best with plant-based milk. Cow’s milk can bind itself to the catechins in matcha tea, thereby slowing down the absorption process.
  8. Matcha was brought to Japan over 1000 years ago by a monk called Myoan Eisai. He became the founder of Zen Buddhism. During long hours of meditating, monks would drink matcha to remain alert, yet calm.
  9. Matcha tea has been drunk in Japanese tea ceremonies since the 16th century.
  10. Many utensils are used in the tea ceremony including the chasen (bamboo whisk) and chasaku (bamboo tea scoop).

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