The Perfect Haskapa Storage Jar

The Perfect Haskapa Storage Jar
The Perfect Haskapa Storage Jar
The Perfect Haskapa Storage Jar
The Perfect Haskapa Storage Jar

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The stylish Haskapa Superfood Berry Powder storage jar is designed to protect Haskapa powder from the harmful effects of light and humidity, preserving its potency and keeping it safe from UV degradation.

Perfect superfood berry powder

Made from a unique bio-photonic glass, the jar may look black but is in fact made from patented dark violet glass that will keep your Haskapa powder fresh and dry while locking in the nutritional content with its lined screw lid.

The stylish jar enhances your kitchen countertop and means your Haskapa is always handy.

When you hold one of our jars to the light you’ll see a subtle deep violet colour. The characteristics of this violet glass filter out the damaging rays of the visible light spectrum, although allowing some UVA and infrared light waves in, which keep the contents fresher for a longer period of time.

Superfood berry powder storage jar, made from 100% recyclable glass

It’s the only known glass that offers this important protection, ensuring that the taste, smell, colour and bioenergy of our Haskapa powder is retained. Haskapa Storage Jars are manufactured in Europe and made from 100% recyclable glass.

The reusable jar stores a minimum of one 100g pouch of Haskapa berry powder.

Please ensure that the jar is completely dry before filling it with Haskapa Superfood Berry Powder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Excellent service and I live in Australia the powder is so easy to use in drinks, youghurt , porridge add to anything .

Markus Doenges
purple health from across the ocean. ;-)

Everything's okay. We'll see, whether Haskapa is better than other dark berries, like bramble, for instance. But I'm excited to find out. ;-)

Helen Eastwood
Great Addition for Healthy Eating

As I suffer from some inflammation in my gut, I’ve been adding this miracle powder to my morning chia seed yogurt and black cherry pudding for breakfast. It tastes lovely.
The new packaging stops the powder clumping together, which it had a tendency to do before, so I now transfer the silica gel sachet to my lovely Haskapa jar.

Delicious and nutritious!

Haskapa is now a daily treat for me - I stir it in to yoghurt for a nutritious boost - great flavour. The Haskap storage jar is good enough to have on display - and reminds me to enjoy daily.

Debra Thomas
Lovely holding jar

Lovely jar, ideal container, and with silica gel package as I’ve wasted so much hasakpa in the past as it’s clogged together. A little on the expensive side, but glad I purchased it.