Haskap Berry Heart Latte

Haskap Berry Heart Latte

Toronto-based foodies @canadianbites whipped up this delightful, healthy and caffeine-free Haskapa latte for us - its super simple, easy to make and it looks amazing! With the weather getting colder, try heating the milk/water and leave out the ice cubes for a warming winter treat.


(for the Haskap base)

-1tbsp Haskapa powder
-1 tbsp chunky strawberry jam
-2tbsp water

(for the ice)

-1tsp Haskapa powder

-Milk (feel free to use a plant-based alternative milk to make this recipe fully vegan!)


-In the bottom of your glass, mix together 2tbsp Haskapa powder, 1tbsp strawberry jam and thin out the mixture with 2tbsp water.
-(optional) fill the glass with heart-shaped haskap ice cubes
-Top up with milk
-Stir before drinking - enjoy!