Origins of haskap superberry in traditional medicine

Origins of haskap superberry in traditional medicine

Haskapa Berry Powder (pronounced ‘has – cap – ah’) is made from the berries of the edible blue honeysuckle or haskap bush.

This beautiful purple-blue berry has a rich history - originating in the frozen wilderness of Siberia and carried by birds to the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. It was named by the Ainu, the indigenous people of Hokkaido, as the haskap (has-ka-o-p) meaning ‘many fruits on branches.’ The Ainu embraced the haskap as the berry of long life and good eyesight.

The news about this incredible superberry spread as other Japanese settled in Hokkaido. They learned about the nutritional benefits of haskap from the Ainu people and went on to cultivate wild haskap berries, refining the taste and incorporating them into their diet.

The berry has been used for centuries for its medicinal effects. Originally picked fresh and eaten straight from the bushes, it was then incorporated into local baked goods and snacks.

At Haskapa, we have gently dried the best and most tasty berries to make 100% natural freeze-dried powder, which adds purple power to smoothies, or stirred into yoghurt, porridge and so much more.