Bundle Offer


Bundle Offer
  • Delicious pure berry powder – 100% natural freeze-dried haskap berry powder made with the whole berry.
  • Haskapa Berry Powder storage Jar - Designed to protect the powder from harmful effects of light and humidity
  • 100% pure haskap berry Juice - all-natural, deep red deliciously tangy juice squeezed from organic berries.
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how to use haskapa berry powder

How to use haskapa powder
  • AT BREAKFAST: add a spoonful to yogurt, porridge, overnight oats and granola.
  • IN SMOOTHIES: add a spoonful to lend into dairy and non-dairy milk, fruit and vegetable smoothies.
  • IN DRINKS: add a spoonful to berry tea, dairy and non-dairy shakes, lattes and kefir.
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