About US

Haskapa dates back to 2010, when Dr. Evie Kemp and Simon Fineman started the first haskap berry farm in Nova Scotia. Their desire was to develop a crop that supported their own health wellness goals.
This also translated into their farming practices, maintaining a respect for the local environment was critical. Haskapa only uses natural farming methods that are chemical free, bee friendly and bio diverse.
The berries that are harvested are gently processed in order to preserve as many of the health benefits as possible. Impressed by the taste and fantastic nutritional profile, the Haskapa motto was created.

Healthy Plants Healthy Products Healthy People

Today, the production orchard covers 60 acres of picturesque fields in Nova Scotia. Our dedicated team of farm workers are at the forefront of natural farming technology, working year-round to develop healthy plants and berries for our Haskapa products that are now sold across the globe.

In 2012, our Haskapa juice won Best New Juice at the 2013 World Juice Awards. From there, we expanded our range of products for food-lovers seeking bold new flavours made with authentic ingredients, including jam, chutney, relish, infused maple syrup, dried berries, as well as teas, local ice cream and handmade chocolates. Others products that are produced with haskap berries include wines, liquors, cosmetics, sweets, baked products and powders; a selection of which we retail in our own exclusive store in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia as well as here.

At Haskapa we have begun efforts to capture the health benefits of the haskap berry in a convenient, easy to use form. In 2017 we opened our very own, state of the art, freeze drying facility in Nova Scotia. The freeze drying process allows the powder to maintain very high levels of the haskap berry’s nutrients and bioactive compounds while retaining its delicious tangy, sweet taste. Our signature product is Haskapa 100% pure haskap berry powder.

As our Haskapa product range has grown, we have remained true to our core principles.

Healthy Plants  Healthy Products  Healthy People.


From business start-up entrepreneurial prizes to food innovation and taste competitions, we are proud to have received awards from many prestigious local and international organisations.